In This Lesson, You Will “Erase” Your Face and Re-Draw the Missing Part with a Pencil!

Step 1

Take a photograph of yourself (either with Photo Booth on the computer or another way and email it to your Student Google Account)
holding an eraser (which I will give you – ask me for one) and a pencil posing like you are erasing your face.
(See the Sample Pictures Below)


Ask me to print out the photo.

Cut out about half of the photograph (See Pictures Above for Samples).

Pay attention when you cut out your photo.

Look how the arms are not cut out in the samples above.

Glue the remaining portion of the photo onto card stock white paper with a glue stick.

Use a pencil to draw in the missing portion of your face.

Also, come up with original ideas for finishing the background.

Make sure your name and period number are on the back and turn in to red basket!