Here’s a combination of some Op-Art projects done in the past!

(What’s Op-Art? Op-Art “gives the illusion of movement by the precise use of pattern and color”.


Draw 3 or 4 circles on an 8.5 x 11 piece of white card stock paper (on my desk).
I also have circle templates that you can borrow.
Here’s a hint: Don’t copy my color choices!!


Using a ruler, add a straight line up and down and a straight line across, meeting in the center of the circle.


Make two curved lines on either side of each line, evenly spaced (See image below).


Color the spaces on the grid in a checkerboard style.

Use Colored Pencils to fill them in.

Complementary Colors (opposite) work best.


Draw a small dot somewhere near the center of the page.


Use a ruler, and draw about 16 straight lines beginning at the dot and going right off the edge of the paper.
Make sure when you get to the circles, you stop drawing and continue on the other side of them!
You must have an even number of lines for this to work.


In every other “cone shape” draw outward facing curves.


Now, this is the hard part, starting near the center, in the cones that are blank,
draw inward curves that touch the outward curves of the other cones.

As you get near the top, there may not be any lines to connect to.
Just draw them to the other side (See below).

Again, when you get to the spheres, skip over them and continue on the other side.


Now, you are going to chose two complementary (opposite) colors, and fill in every other cone shape.


OK, you’re almost done!
Do the same thing with the other cone shapes.
Try to match a darker color with a lighter color next to it.


TIf you want it to look really clever, you can add some shadow to the spheres.
Make sure they are all shadowed in the same direction!


That’s it! Your Op-Art Masterpiece!

Turn into the red basket.