Save your working files (files that aren’t done yet) to Google Docs.
Go to: tinyurl.com/wgoogle

Make sure you make a folder called Graphic Design.
Use the name of the assignment.
Save it in there.
Username:gradyearlastnamefirstname (Example: 2018smithjane)
Password: wsdStudentIDNumber (Example: wsd0123456)

Save your final file into MOODLE for grading.
See instructions at the end of the lesson.

In This Special Project for a GROUP OF TWO,
You will Write, Produce, make Voice Overs,
and Create a Soundtrack for a Stop Motion Movie
using an iPad and the Stop Motion App!

(This will replace a certain number of other projects – to be discussed after completion – depending on effort, length, creativity, etc.)

Before attempting this project, you and your partner must talk to me (Johnson) first.
You must both be in the same period, and everything will need to be done during the class period.
This could take several weeks! But it will be super fun and educational, too!

By the way, this project is brand new to me!
If you have any ideas of your own, please let me know and we’ll talk about it!

What you will need:


Background or Backgrounds (made with Photoshop)

A story and a storyboard (something that has a beginning, middle, and end!)

Characters to animate (Do some research on Claymation, dolls,
or other types of things to animate.

Dialog (speaking parts you will record) for your characters

A stand to hold iPad steady

Stop Motion Studio app on iPad

Good and Consistent Lighting

Music for background (make in Garage Band)

A Journal to record what happened each day during production.
(For example, if you both were there, what each of you did that day, etc.)

How to make stop motion video:


Pieces you will need:

Click here for a printable PDF for your storyboard!

Storyboard Calendar Journal (Click to Print Out to LC Printer!)

storyboard calendar

Some Benefits of Stop Motion Animation

– Offers students ownership in the film making process

– Teaches students how stop motion animation works

– Shows the mechanics of how animated movie-making happens

– The creative constraint of the medium encourages problem solving

– It’s a simple, hands-on technology that all students can achieve

– Encourages students to project and plan out where a story is heading

– Cultivates rehearsal and experimentation through trying and testing

– Supports storytelling